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Emily's Story

Read on to learn Emily's story, the adventure that took her to Compass Homecare, and where she's going from here

Here's Emily with two of her regular PAs. They're part of the fantastic, committed team that keeps her safe and happy at home; and who wouldn't want that?

With all the bad news that seems to dominate the headlines, we're thrilled to be sharing something positive.


One of the things in which we most pride ourselves is how personalised our service is. We believe that the only way to deliver great care is to truly take on board the preferences of each individual and … As we’ve said elsewhere – it’s easy to promise the world, but who can deliver?


Well, according to Emily, we can. Here’s what she thinks:

"It’s such a relief to have my care managed by people who are so good at communicating. 

Sandra, the manager, and Luke, the managing director, at Compass Homecare see me as a person not just a bundle of disabilities. They’ve been with me at my worst and, believe me, being in intensive care and being able to communicate with only my eyebrows when you’re as gobby as I am is pretty bad. They also share with me the better times, know my interests and aren’t too busy to have a laugh with me. And, here’s the really good part: they know just the right type of personal assistants to recruit so I have a team of PAs who are kind, compassionate, efficient, understand me as a person and share my (rather odd) sense of humour.

I’ve spent the past 20 years of my life struggling with aggressive MS and trying to find a care provider who understands what ‘care’ means.

There have been so many I’ve lost count. Amongst them was the one who told my elderly mother she would ‘have to work with them’ then had her commuting from London working shifts they had failed to cover; another who was sending inexperienced, untrained and unqualified young carers and expected them to cover my complex care needs.

Then there was the provider who was so intent on expanding their business that in nine months they never actually saw one of my care calls or understood I was deteriorating fast with all the stress.

Compass Homecare saved me when I was at the end of my tether. I was newly out of hospital, worn out and with, in my view, a failing care provider who had just pulled the plug on me. I was desperate to stay in my own home but my mother, now 80, and in London has her own health problems and is caring for my younger sister, who also has MS.

In the space of 8 days Sandra and Luke at Compass Homecare secured my care package, consulted and transferred the best of my regular PA’s, made sure I had two well supported Team Leaders and new recruits, who are quick learners and right up my street. And, most importantly, made sure I was involved as much as I wanted to be.

For the first time in years I can relax with a team I can trust and know they all understand and care enough to keep me safe. I’m able to enjoy the life I have left – pedal off into the sunset on my wheelchair Berkelbike with the team then home in time for a G&T, a tasty home-cooked supper prepared by my PA’ and a calm night watched over by Compass Homecare. 

If you don’t believe care can be this good, talk to Luke and Sandra."

emily smile.png

Here's Emily enjoying that Berkel bike 

If there's one thing we all know about Emily, it's that she knows her own mind. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her, her family and the team that supports her.

We’re immensely proud at Compass Homecare of what we’ve all done together and couldn’t be happier that Emily is happy with us. Remember... Wherever life takes you, we’ll help you get there.  

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